Using Agrivoltaics to Lessen Evaporation of Water

Chinese researchers examined water evaporation on areas of land with two distinct types of agrivoltaic arrays and found that evaporation was greatly reduced in both cases. They investigated the connection between total surface evaporation and duration. To lower the rate of evaporation on water surfaces, researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China have examined the potential of […]

Agrivoltaics, Greenhouses Utilize PV Shade Screens

For agrivoltaic uses, a Saudi Arabian firm has created a modular solar panel. It shields plants and vegetables from excessive sunshine and is specially made for areas with high amounts of solar radiation. Mirai Solar has created a foldable, flexible, modular solar panel for agrivoltaic applications. It is a King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) branch in Saudi […]

Hillcrest Energy Technologies Acquires Patent Application

Hillcrest Energy Technologies is a company that specializes in power conversion technologies and is always on the lookout for new trends in the sector. The company recently acquired a patent application for a simplified EV charging solution. The improved EV charging solution can provide bidirectional charging powers, which are compatible and universal, as witnessed by the proof of concept lab […]

What’s New in China’s Grey Market for Semiconductors?

China’s grey market for semiconductors was exposed during the Covid-19 era. However, the recent impositions by the United States and its associates could awaken more scrutiny for these products.  Bloomberg recently provided a review of how China gained popularity when automakers scrambled for semiconductors and MCUs during the peak of the Covid pandemic. In the story, this business in China […]

New IEC Connector with Dual Locking Systems

Schaffer recently announced the new IEC power connectors which is a new addition that will scale up the power sector. The international leader who works in the electromagnetic compatibility and power quality sector said that he was awed by this innovation. The new IEC connector, known as the ILI3P-S, is a two-locking power connector that is in the group C14/C20 […]

SiC Plasma Epi-prep Might Overtake the Existing CMP Process

The SiC plasma polishing system is a new introduction by Oxford Instruments. The system is set to provide clean, higher-yield, sustainable, and affordable options for the CMP method. This introduction will be a huge gain in SiC power semiconductor devices because various advancements will be noted while trust will be reinforced. When comparing the system with the traditional CMP-prepared wafers, […]