Schaffer recently announced the new IEC power connectors which is a new addition that will scale up the power sector. The international leader who works in the electromagnetic compatibility and power quality sector said that he was awed by this innovation.

The new IEC connector, known as the ILI3P-S, is a two-locking power connector that is in the group C14/C20 IEC category. The leader said that the product is intended to minimize power disconnection in PDUs, data centers, industrial equipment, servers, and various vital power systems whose interruption could cause a huge loss or accident.

This new product will work to promote the effectiveness of Schaffner’s locking connector because of the dual locking systems that will be integrated into one. 

As such, it is deemed to have greater functionality than the previous ones. The connector will also be compatible with a wide range of non-locking sockets such as C13. 

The aim is to partner it well with any other Schaffner inlet filter. In simple terms, it is a reassembly for the IEC C14/C20 inlet.

Here are some of the features that stand out in the new connector:

  • It is a version of the IEC LOCK C13+ SLIMLINE, meaning it is slimmer and more compact
  • It is manufactured from an IEC lock C14 connector which is proven in the field
  • Its pin temperature is a maximum of +70 degrees Celsius
  • Its current rate is up to 10A for the C13 plug, 20A for the C19 plug, and 15A for the C13P plug
  • Can serve global applications because of the certifications that are in line with Australian, Canadian, USA, and European rules
  • Different power line plugs can be accommodated because it is structured to be used worldwide
  • Uses four cable colors which include blue, red, white, and black

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