Even though more Americans are showing an interest in electric cars, there are still a few myths about them. Over half of American consumers still hold the misconception that lithium-ion EV batteries cannot be recycled.

The global strategy for transportation electrification puts the problem of recycling the components used in EV batteries in the spotlight. It also happened as a result of the increase in electric car registrations.

Myths About Recycling EV Batteries

Forty-seven percent of Americans believe that electric vehicle batteries cannot be recycled. This is despite the fact that this is a burgeoning sector and essential to reducing the carbon footprint of EVs. 

A recent survey of Ascend Elements, a manufacturer of specialized battery materials, supports this. The survey showed above 30 percent 

of Americans did not know that used lithium-ion battery components can be repurposed to create brand-new batteries for electric cars. Only 39 percent of Americans are aware that lithium-ion electric vehicle batteries’ essential components can be recycled endlessly without losing their performance.

The study found numerous myths and misconceptions about electric vehicles. The most common is EV battery recycling. But the good news is 

more than half of Americans now have a more favorable opinion of electric vehicles than they did three years ago. However, there are still many misconceptions and myths, some of which may be harmful.

Many Americans believe they can’t throw used lithium-ion batteries in a regular trash can. But this isn’t true because it is safe to throw them along with your other garbage if you don’t know where to send them for recycling. 

Recycling of the Batteries

The foremost supplier of closed-loop battery material solutions is Ascend Elements. It is reconsidering how sustainable lithium-ion battery materials are made. 

By using a more ecologically friendly production process and reducing the amount of batteries dumped in landfills, the company is improving sustainability in the lithium-ion battery sector.

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