The 2:1 Charge Pump Direct Charger IC, which is a product of Halo Microelectronics, has just been embraced by Samsung’s Galaxy A23 smartphones. Halo is an analog and power management integrated circuits producer which are used in smart systems to improve energy efficiency.

HL7132 works by producing two times the input current originating from a power delivery adapter. It has a low voltage which is a fast direct charger for 1-cell Li-polymer and Li-ion batteries.

The HL7132 can change 3A output power delivery into the current charge of 6A. Through this, it reduces the charging time by half and saves A23 users the waiting time.

While in under-charge pump mode, the capacitor converter and the integrated FETs will promote a 50% duty cycle operation which is what makes the system effective. From this arrangement, the output voltage will be lesser than the input voltage by half, while the output current will be two times the input current. 

Therefore, there will be a very huge significant gain in the input power cable because losses will be minimized while temperature rise will be reduced significantly in the system.

This application has been a great contributor to the effective management of Samsung smartphones. Samsung has a 50MP rear camera and a 6.6-inch PLS TFT LCD which, together with the built-in system, weighs about 195g. 

Its power system is so strong because the battery can go for 27-28 hours after charge even when using Wi-Fi or LTE.

The team for Galaxy A23 discovered the efficacy of this system from the Halo Microelectronics’ WQN10 (HL7132) main board. Halo has recently been at the forefront of high-speed charging technology which they have penetrated well into the phone’s technology. 

They have so far managed to partner with middle-end and high-end phones. David Nam, who is the CEO, expressed his delight after his company was selected by Samsung’s Galaxy A23 smartphones.

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