Hillcrest Energy Technologies is a company that specializes in power conversion technologies and is always on the lookout for new trends in the sector. The company recently acquired a patent application for a simplified EV charging solution.

The improved EV charging solution can provide bidirectional charging powers, which are compatible and universal, as witnessed by the proof of concept lab tests. After applying for the patent, the company is awaiting proof of concept validation in 2023. Meanwhile, development efforts will take place with an aim of having a launch partner.

This is a great revolutionary that Hillcrest has achieved together with the collaborating efforts of the concerned engineers. Berger is the chair of this progress with other patent inventors. Therefore, Berger will retain all ownership rights that regard the application of patents.

This enhanced EV charging solution aims at promoting the efficiency of the company’s traction inverter and also making a simplified power train system, which will be an improved version of the existing system. 

Consumers using this technology won’t have to use an onboard charger anymore, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of reduced cost and reduced weight of EV train plus the complexity of the whole system.

The biggest gain acquired is the capacity of the EV to be AC-charged with the strongest power capacity irrespective of the system voltage used. As such, the EVs will manage to embrace the future changes witnessed in power capabilities in the AC charging origin or the traction inverter.

Another benefit acquired is the ability to enable DC fast charging of 800V on 400V without requiring an onboard booster unit.

With these great milestones achieved by Hillcrest, it is evident that the future of the energy sector is bright since innovations reveal more sustainability and cost-friendly methods that resonate with the needs of current business systems. 

The advancements are practical and effective for overall business gains.

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