Vendors of industrial automation devices should provide cutting-edge technologies utilizing Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). This is to assist manufacturers in supplying products and growth under favorable conditions.

Since it is the enabling technology for a sector that demands guaranteed data reliability, integrity, and high performance, TSN is essential for assisting businesses in future-proofing their operations and maximizing throughput, productivity, precision, and accuracy.

The US leads the world in semiconductor R&D, chip design, fabless firms, integrated device production, and microprocessor manufacture. Additionally, American companies account for about 50 percent of all semiconductor sales globally.

These industries are also among the most automated. For example, in 2020 alone, more than 100,000 new industrial robots were bought worldwide. Device suppliers for the semiconductor industry will benefit from these favorable circumstances. This is because automation technologies are accepted in this industry.

Companies must offer cutting-edge, fiercely competitive solutions that can meet the semiconductor industry’s present and future challenges and needs. They have to do so to increase market share and further the success of their clients.

Quality-Driven Manufacturing Lies on Data Transparency

Regarding semiconductor production, fabs and other industry-specific manufacturing facilities have a history of pushing the limits of automation and smart manufacturing. As technology advances, they are moving ever closer to developing truly flexible, autonomous, and responsive infrastructures. 

They can independently execute entire processes, self-optimize their performance, and instantly adjust to changing circumstances. Therefore, providers should focus on maximizing performance when developing automation technology for the semiconductor industry.

Chip and other electronic equipment manufacturers must also maintain the highest levels of precision and accuracy. They must accomplish such goals while working in challenging environmental circumstances to produce top-notch goods. 

Moreso, there is a requirement for efficient track and trace systems that can trace how resources and products are moved around plants and throughout the supply chain. 

To be successful, it is essential to set up a network that can handle higher enterprise-level systems for reliable material tracking and tracing throughout the entire production line and beyond.

Ultimately, semiconductor makers need a network technology that enables the extremely effective convergence of operational technology and information technology.

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