The need for long-term work from any business drives the data center industry to evolve continually. What does this suggest for the upcoming years, given the rapid acceleration of hybrid IT adoption and the pace of digital transformation?

Will the Future Be Cloud Dependent?

Hybrid IT will combine private cloud and public cloud on colocation and premise in the coming years. Cloud improvements will inevitably become more popular, especially as more advanced SaaS solutions surface online.

Moreover, the best IT resources to support these workloads in effectively completing their jobs are determined. Optimizing the operation of data and applications has switched to a workload strategy. It won’t be running exclusively in the cloud; rather, it will be a hybrid of many platforms.

Maintaining Personnel in Data Centers

The Meta outage, which was brought on by an error in order to run Meta’s global backbone capacity, was one of the greatest data center stories of 2021.

When providing more information, Meta stated that although its DNS servers were connected to a different network, they were programmed to revoke their Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routes if they could not reach Meta’s data centers. The rest of the internet could not connect to Meta due to this.

When Meta engineers gained access to server systems at its data center in California and rebooted them, the problem started slowly fading away. Even if the problem was fixed, the information served as a tough wake-up call for business data center managers and decision-makers. 

To ensure that these types of accidents can be handled as promptly and successfully as possible, having competent personnel physically on the scene is essential.

There will always be a requirement for someone to be on-site to handle urgent issues, even though remote networking technologies streamline the operation of data centers. No matter how advanced the technology, running a data center without people is not recommended.

Meeting Demand by Utilizing Digital Transformation

The importance of digital transformation will remain constant in 2022, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s negative effects on business.

The rate of digital transformation has already started to pick up, forcing the data center sector to change and adapt due to increased remote workers and the consumption of video-based content.

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